Blue Ruin is Charlotte Tybalt, Anna Monteith, Elettra Pizzale and Louisa Maria. Inspired by all things creepy and fun, Blue Ruin brings a captivating and colorful sound, reminiscent of the punk rock and pop punk genre. 

With fast paced riffs and mesmerising stage performances - Blue Ruin sets audiences on fire. 

Initially founded out of New Zealand in 2015, Blue Ruin embodies the down to earth culture of New Zealand's people, exuding a sense of effortless, carefree fun. 

Having completed several tours throughout New Zealand, Europe and the UK, Blue Ruin has their sights focused on further dominating the punk rock scene. With the release of their debut album, Hooligans Happy Hour, fans can expect songs reflective of Blue Ruin’s playfully dark sound, with more face melting guitar solos, moody baselines, heart pumping drum beats and gritty vocals than ever before.

Having garnered much success over the years, with opening slots with icons such as Misfits, Cherie Currie and Steel Panther, Blue Ruin is set to continue to rise.

With a beautifully refined visual style,  and a sound that reminds us there is beauty in darkness, Blue Ruin encourages us all to come on this journey of freedom, self expression and good old fashioned fun.

Releases on Pride & Joy Music:

- Hooligans Happy Hour (2022)

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