product: Re-Machined - Wheels Of Time

release date: 21.02.2020

territory: world

format: CD & digital

With their eponymous demo, Mainz band RE-MACHINED already raised the dust in the German underground in 2018. Their classic heavy rock with delicate guitar solos and catchy melodies seemed to strike a chord with fans. Numerous positive reviews in printed and online magazines quickly lead to gig requests and resulted in support shows for Manilla Road, Gun Barrel, Bonfire and Trance. Their debut album „Wheels Of Time“ takes up the golden thread of the demo, but considerably expands the self-set goals of the band cosmos. To be sure, there are still no ballads, no cover songs and obviously no keyboards; nevertheless, the album brims with variety. At the rock end of the hit spectrum, there are songs like „Brother Sun, Sister Moon“ or „In My Life“ that still breathe the spirit of the late 70s and that inevitably call to mind bands like Thin Lizzy or Demon. On the other side of the spectrum, there are fast, catchy metal songs like „Fear“, „Prisoner“ or „Go To Hell“ that still smell of the NWOBHM. Iron Maiden or Saxon leave their marks in these numbers without making them simple or even shameless copies of the originals. Plus, we mustn’t forget one band: Memories of the Solingen steel works Accept have always been the basis for a lot of Re-Machined songs and can be found here for example in the wrecking balls „Re-Machined“ and „Change Your Mind“.
Renowned producer Markus Teske, who already enhanced silver discs by SAGA, U.D.O. or The New Roses, was entrusted with mixing „Wheels Of Time“.
With „Wheels Of Time“, RE-MACHINED presents an impressive debut album with grade A heavy rock that skillfully manages the balancing act between the tried and trusted and the new and delivers timeless numbers with catchy choruses and delicate guitar solos en masse. It’s re-machined and not just vintage

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