product: Ani Lo. Projekt - A Time Called Forever

release date: 20.03.2020

format: CD & digital

territory: world

Ani Lo. Projekt came into being in 2010 when well-known Bulgarian singer Ani Lozanova and her long-term musical partner, drummer Konstantin Dinev (Kossy D.) started it. Their debut “Miracle“ saw the light of day with a different line-up in March 2011 which was accompanied by a brilliant gig at Rock Theater in Sofia. Many shows followed, for instance at a biker event with Ian Parry guesting who also participated on “Miracle“.

2012 a major line-up change took place when Ani Lo. moved to Germany and Kossy D. to the USA. The singer played some gigs with musicians based in Münster, Germany, for example opening the metal event „Das Schloss Rockt“ in June 2017.

In 2018 work on the second album “A Time Called Forever“ began with Kossy producing and recording drums in his studio in San Diego, USA. He came over to Germany to record vocals at Bazement Studios of Markus Teske in the summer. 12 songs composed by Jens Faber (Dawn Of Destiny) who also played guitar, bass and keyboards as well as some growls and clean vocals were recorded in his studio in Bochum, Germany. Teske took over the mastering, again at Bazement studios. The work was done on December 2019.

The new ALP album sees guest performances of vocalists Eric Dow (Hellsott, USA) on “My Misery“ and “Don’t Leave This World“, Michael Thionville (Voodoma, Germany) on “Fly With Me“ as well as Lachezar Stefanov, natural talent, husband of Ani and her biggest fan on “Bleed“.

The artwork was created by Bulgarian artist Deliana Stoyanova. The band shot a video for the title track with Bremen-based Bulgarian Mitko Petrov to be released in February. Klub Trigon in Haltern am See, Germany served as location.

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