product: Tina Schüssler - Verwirrte Welt

release date: 11.09.2020

format: CD & digital

territory: world

Tina Schüssler is a perfect bundle of power and energy. She performs this with great skill and perceptible passion on every stage, captivating her audience in seconds. The mixture between rock, hard rock and sometimes a bit of pop has been cleverly packaged in her songs and lyrics, emotive to everybody.

The three-time world champion with real titanium in her heart, was drawn to music from an early age. So she started taking piano lessons as a young child, played drums and double bass in an orchestra. She started her sports career at the age of 18, became a professional boxer in 1997, won her first kickboxing title at the age of 24 and was also the owner of three sports schools.

In 2009, Tina suffered a serious illness. Due to a congenital heart defect, she had a stroke, was paralyzed on the left side, could no longer speak and got a titanium shield into her heart. After three years of rehabilitation and hospital stays, the power package came back to life and became another two-time kickboxing world champion in 2016 in K-1 in the USA. Then she officially ended her boxing career, switched to the music business and began composing her first songs in 2018.

Since 2019 Tina has been musically successful and blows up the stages with her band, but also as a solo singer. Well-known bands call her the most punchy  singer in the world. But she is also booked as a highlight or a special guest, sings with notable personalities from the music scene and fires her sound into the crowds with a rocking voice. Her ripping and incomparable stage presence is infectious and motivating. Tina is repeatedly referred to as a phenomenon and unique in the media.

Her canceled European tour with Bonfire was postponed to September (due to the Covid-19-virus).

For over 27 years, Tina Schüssler, who was born in Augsburg in 1974, has been in the focus of the media, skillfully moving in front of the cameras through her sporting and TV presenter career. She guides through every program with wit and knowledge, is also the ring announcer for World Cup matches in the ring, or is a welcome guest on radio and television.

In 2019 she reached the live final at the German Rock & Pop Prize as a singer/songwriter and claimed second place as the best singer.

Tina Schüssler is – besides Toten Hosen - the only musician in Germany to be an official artist for Sea Shepard.

In general, the all-rounder performs as a solo singer, but also as the band leader of her own rock band, which consists of five people including herself on vocals and Aaron Hoffmann (guitars), Harald Zeidler (guitars), Mustafa Güler (bass), Andrea Eppli (drums)

Tina is the messenger and ambassador for the largest organizations and is always actively involved in a socially committed way. In 2020, she and two partners opened a professional film/TV and sound studio called “PM7 Studios” on around 550 square meters.

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