product: Ani Lo. Projekt - A Time Called Forever

release date: 20.03.2020

format: CD & digital

territory: world

Ani Lo. Projekt came into being in 2010 when well-known Bulgarian singer Ani Lozanova and her long-term musical partner, drummer Konstantin Dinev (Kossy D.) started it. Their debut “Miracle“ saw the light of day with a different line-up in March 2011 which was accompanied by a brilliant gig at Rock Theater in Sofia. Many shows followed, for instance at a biker event with Ian Parry guesting who also participated on “Miracle“.

2012 a major line-up change took place when Ani Lo. moved to Germany and Kossy D. to the USA. The singer played some gigs with musicians based in Münster, Germany, for example opening the metal event „Das Schloss Rockt“ in June 2017.

In 2018 work on the second album “A Time Called Forever“ began with Kossy producing and recording drums in his studio in San Diego, USA. He came over to Germany to record vocals at Bazement Studios of Markus Teske in the summer. 12 songs composed by Jens Faber (Dawn Of Destiny) who also played guitar, bass and keyboards as well as some growls and clean vocals were recorded in his studio in Bochum, Germany. Teske took over the mastering, again at Bazement studios. The work was done on December 2019.

The new ALP album sees guest performances of vocalists Eric Dow (Hellsott, USA) on “My Misery“ and “Don’t Leave This World“, Michael Thionville (Voodoma, Germany) on “Fly With Me“ as well as Lachezar Stefanov, natural talent, husband of Ani and her biggest fan on “Bleed“.

The artwork was created by Bulgarian artist Deliana Stoyanova. The band shot a video for the title track with Bremen-based Bulgarian Mitko Petrov to be released in February. Klub Trigon in Haltern am See, Germany served as location.

product: Re-Machined - Wheels Of Time

release date: 21.02.2020

territory: world

format: CD & digital

With their eponymous demo, Mainz band RE-MACHINED already raised the dust in the German underground in 2018. Their classic heavy rock with delicate guitar solos and catchy melodies seemed to strike a chord with fans. Numerous positive reviews in printed and online magazines quickly lead to gig requests and resulted in support shows for Manilla Road, Gun Barrel, Bonfire and Trance. Their debut album „Wheels Of Time“ takes up the golden thread of the demo, but considerably expands the self-set goals of the band cosmos. To be sure, there are still no ballads, no cover songs and obviously no keyboards; nevertheless, the album brims with variety. At the rock end of the hit spectrum, there are songs like „Brother Sun, Sister Moon“ or „In My Life“ that still breathe the spirit of the late 70s and that inevitably call to mind bands like Thin Lizzy or Demon. On the other side of the spectrum, there are fast, catchy metal songs like „Fear“, „Prisoner“ or „Go To Hell“ that still smell of the NWOBHM. Iron Maiden or Saxon leave their marks in these numbers without making them simple or even shameless copies of the originals. Plus, we mustn’t forget one band: Memories of the Solingen steel works Accept have always been the basis for a lot of Re-Machined songs and can be found here for example in the wrecking balls „Re-Machined“ and „Change Your Mind“.
Renowned producer Markus Teske, who already enhanced silver discs by SAGA, U.D.O. or The New Roses, was entrusted with mixing „Wheels Of Time“.
With „Wheels Of Time“, RE-MACHINED presents an impressive debut album with grade A heavy rock that skillfully manages the balancing act between the tried and trusted and the new and delivers timeless numbers with catchy choruses and delicate guitar solos en masse. It’s re-machined and not just vintage

product: Secret Rule - Against

release date: 21.02.2020

territory: world

format: CD & digital

SECRET RULE was formed at the beginning of 2014 with the intention to create a special sound with powerful rhythms and catchy melodies. During these six years, the group conquered its space in the metal scene.

The band is fronted by the powerful and crystal clear vocals of Angela Di Vincenzo, masterminded by lead guitarist Andy Menario, with accurate bass playing of Michele Raspanti and the powerful drumming of Alex Beccati. Secret Rule on stage is a bomb of energy, a mix of heavy guitar riffs, with electronic elements and incredible keyboard lines.

The band released four albums: “Transposed Emotions” (2015), “Machination” (2016), “The key to the world” (2017) and "The 7 Endless" (2019), and built a solid fan base supported by their live activity and featured special guests like Aylin (Sirenia), Stefan Helleblad (Within Temptation), Henrik Klingenberg (Sonata Arctica), Timo Somers (Delain), Sander Zoer (Delain, Leah), Henning Basse (Mayan, Firewind).

SECRET RULE played a lot of shows all over Europe, including headlining European tours, sharing the stage with great bands such as Delain, Beyond the Black, Xandria, Serenity, Kobra & the Lotus, Blaze Bayley, Visions of Atlantis and Cellar Darling and performing festivals including the Barcia Metal Fest, the Wings of BEA, the Metal Fest Event - Femme, the 9° Camorock, Festo Die Hydria.

“Against” now is their fifth studio album which will be released on February 21st, 2020 on Pride & Joy Music. In April 2020, the Italian Heavy Metal band will support Brazilian Melodic Death Metal SEMBLANT on their European tour.

product: Shadow Breaker - s/t

release date: 24.01.2020

territory: world

format: CD & digital

Out of the shadows, SHADOW BREAKER is the new French sensation emerging from the European Hard Rock scene! French known musicians Chris Savourey (BORN AGAIN) on guitars and Franck Moondog (THE BYMZ) on vocals, who previously collaborated on two albums, are the front men of this new group and back with a straight Rock 'N Roll attitude!

SHADOW BREAKER is a Heavy Rock band, mostly influenced by 70's and 80's giants of the Hard Rock/Heavy Metal such as AC/DC, WHITESNAKE, THIN LIZZY, UFO, SCORPIONS, VAN HALEN, OZZY OSBOURNE, KISS, MOTLEY CRUE, LED ZEPPELIN, DEF LEPPARD, MSG, DOKKEN, RATT...Their first self-titled album is the result of the revamped appetite of the two old friends.

Chris and Franck began their first collaboration in the 90’s with the album “Dreamland” back in 1998 under the SAVOUREY moniker. The French group opened for the Brazilian band ANGRA in Paris in 1997.

In 2001, the two musicians founded a new band named NORTHWIND. The album “Seasons” hit the streets in 2002. NORTHWIND shared stages with bands like VANDEN PLAS, WITHIN TEMPTATION, BONFIRE, SHY and BRIGHTON ROCK just to name a few...

Then, life separated the duet, but in 2019, Chris and Franck realized that time flies and that it felt right to re-ignite the machine... The SHADOW BREAKER train was on his way!

product: Elegy Of Madness - Invisible World

release date: 24.01.2020

territory: world

format: CD & digital

Elegy Of Madness is an Italian Symphonic Metal band founded in 2006 by Tony Tomasicchio. In the same year the first promo "Another Path“ was released. In 2009 they published the first album "The Bridge Of Sighs“ and in 2013 “Brave Dreams“ followed, promoted all over the world through festivals (Exit - Novi Sad) and opening shows for great bands (Arkona, Skrillex, Sabaton).

In 2017 they released the third album called 'New Era' distributed all over the world and obtained a special limited Japanese edition.

In May they started promoting 'New Era' with many Italian and European live shows but mainly taking part in festivals like "Balkan Metal Meeting" (Pula - Croatia) and "Zobens um Lemess open air Festival" (Lone - Latvia) opening for great bands such as Amorphis, Batushka and Heidevolk.

They also played at "Dream Rock Event" (San Pancrazio-Italy) with DGM, at "South's Cheyenne Metal Fest" supporting Lacuna Coil and at "Taranto Rock Festival" as special guests.

In April 2018 a Ukrainian tour took place with four gigs (Zaporizha, Krivoj, Rog and Kiev) and they opened Therion's live concert in Kiev. On October 7 they performed at Quinphonic festival in Birmingham and played in London and Tipton. Elegy Of Madness also performed as headliner with Lacuna Coil and Tower of Babel at M.i.c. Rock Festival in Villapiana, Italy.

On May 2019 the band supported Mark Boals (Yngwie Malmsteen) in Italy (Florence, Milan and Rome), in June they recorded their fourth full-length album at Domination Studio (Rhapsody, Michael Romeo, Twilight Force). Currently, the band keeps on playing around Italy and will finish the New Era Tour on February 2020 with a great show at Fusco Theater with a young local Orchestra.

product: Ghostreaper - Straight Out Of Hell

release date: 06.12.2019

release territory: world

formats: CD & digital

Debut album of metal project GHOSTREAPER featuring ten international vocalists, male and female, in an epic Wild West setting.

There’s everything from hard rock to modern metal up to classic power metal. “Straight Out Of Hell“ combines different genres forming a complete and powerful picture. The album is full of melodic hooklines and riffs, telling the story of a band of outlaws at the time of the Wild West. Great songwriting meets powerful and energetic voices. Written and produced by Mikk Hollenberg, guitarist of dark metal band VOODOMA.


Singers in alphabetical order:

Deibys Artigas (Venezuela) - Leadvocals "Sons of the Gun", "Red Moon Rising"

Sandra Bullet (Portugal) - Leadvocals "Black Widow", "Snakes & Slaves"

Eric Castiglia (Italy) - Leadvocals "High Noon", "Sons of the Gun", "Farewell"

Onur Kaplan (Turkey) - Leadvocals " Desperados"

Danny Kross (Algeria) - Leadvocals "Snakes & Slaves"

Diane Lee (Switzerland) - Leadvocals "Darkness of Sin", "House of Hell"

Laut Lindmae (Estonia) - Leadvocals "House of Hell", "Snakes & Slaves"

Jordy Noran (USA) - Leadvocals "High Noon"

Michael Thionville (Germany) - Leadvocals "Darkness of Sin"

Evgen Zoidze (Ukraine) - Leadvocals "Straight out of Hell", "Snakes & Slaves"


Mikk Hollenberg - Guitars, Bass, Keys

Wolle Haitz - Drums, Percussions

product: Sign X - Like A Fire

release date: 06.12.2019

release territory: world

formats: CD & download

SIGN X have emerged from the Hamburg/Germany based cult band Châlice, which has released 7 CDs since the early 90’s and played various shows with rock gods like Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, Uriah Heep, Saga, Doro, Tesla, Magnum, Steve Lukather and many more.

Since the band, singer Gino Naschke and keyboard player Axel Hoffmann have decided to go separate ways, the remaining team is heading for the future under a new flag. With Michel Jotzer on the keyboards and the exceptional singer Sebastian Zierof, who is well known as "Udo" in the successful musical "Hinterm Horizont", not only the Châlice songs are played with fresh blood.

After getting some attention with the first EP at the beginning of 2018 (first place in the Classic Rock Charts at Amazon), the first own songs were created. Together with mix & master legend Andy Horn (The Red Room Studios), the songs have now been produced, arranged and finally recorded and mastered on an international level.

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